Unify the Ethereum ecosystem by integrating decentralized apps into a delightful, democratic, social experience.

Building for an ever-growing community
Today there are thousands of decentralized apps powered by the Ethereum blockchain, but using them can be a challenge, even for hardcore ethereans.

Let’s change this through a new kind of social network, where together we make it simple and enjoyable to interact with Ethereum apps!

Emergent design

World possibilities co-evolve and grow with Ethereum.

Social innovation

Ethereum impacts people’s lives in a meaningful way.

Better together

Ethereum apps are better when used together.

Conversational simplicity

Combining Ethereum apps into flows should be easy.


The AKASHA World Framework

A social media framework enabling the creation of interoperable decentralized social media networks. Thanks to its modular architecture, the AWF functionality can be extended for diverse purposes and communities.


The Ethereum World Association

A Web 3 social network includes self-governance by definition. More information coming soon about the Ethereum World Association.


The Ethereum Community

Ethereum is many things to many people. From a platform powering thousands of decentralized apps to a living, breathing ecosystem of organizations and projects. Whatever it means to you, you are Ethereum. And this world is for you.

Ethereum Magic in your posts

From kitties to bounties and DAOs, a world of possibilities is opening in front of you with each Ethereum app integration!

Ethereum World represents the result of over 3 years of continuous experimentation with AKASHA at the intersection of blockchain and social networking.

Mihai Alisie

Ethereum Co-Founder & AKASHA Founder

Discover & Collect Ethereum apps

Explore the Ethereum world together with your friends & build your own decentralized app collection. Whether you need to create a prediction market or trade a kittie, your collection grows with you and your needs.

Right now we are all heads down working on our own projects, and sometimes we miss what's going on outside. Having a feed full of dapps may be the easiest way to know what's being built in the Ethereum community.

Luis Cuende

Aragon Co-Founder

Make your Ethereum apps flow

Experience Ethereum’s synergy flowing through your conversations as you combine multiple decentralized apps in new ways. An explosion of emergent interactions is within reach!

Vitalik’s vision created Ethereum, Mihai’s vision created Ethereum World. CryptoChicks is happy to be an active part of this synergy, to build and grow the future of the decentralized global connectivity.

Elena Sinelnikova


Make it your world!

Watching history in the making is cool but writing the future yourself is even cooler!

If you have a great idea which could solve a big problem, or plans to integrate your Ethereum app, let’s get in touch! We’ve been waiting for you!

Let’s be friends!

We are a fast-growing network of partners and projects working together to make blockchain technology more accessible to everyone! Let’s do great things together!

Coming Soon to a civilization near you!

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